Burundian Rural Electrification abbreviated ABER is a personalized administration. Its main missions are the baking, the carrying out of studies and the execution of electrification projects of rural centers, villages, health centers; communal colleges, business centers and certain public infrastructures, such as isolated municipalities in the national electricity grid, with a view to contributing to the improvement of the living conditions of the population and supporting the fight against poverty in order to reach the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)

The missions of the ABER are indicated inDecree N ° 100/318 of December 22nd, 2011 bearing statutes of the Burundian Agency of Rural Electrification "ABER". . According to Article 3 of the above-mentioned Decree, the Agency is responsible for the development and implementation of rural electrification programs and projects, including mini hydroelectricity, solar and wind energy, and other forms of rural electrification. energy that can enable the production of electricity to be supplied to the rural population.

ABER is responsible for :

• Plan and coordinate all rural electrification activities;
• Develop micro-hydropower projects, local electricity distribution networks, to create income-generating activities,
• Develop electrification projects by solar photovoltaic or wind energy; • Develop solar thermal projects to equip the hotel industry and solar water heating communities to reduce the load or consumption of petroleum products.
• Supervise municipal administrations in the planning, construction of rural electrification projects and community associations, managers of rural electrification projects, operation and maintenance of these electric infrastructures throughout the national territory.
• Monitor and evaluate the programs, projects and electrical infrastructure executed,
• Constitute a database of rural electrification projects, particularly with regard to access to this modern energy.
• Train the staff of the Agency and community associations in the management and monitoring and evaluation of the maintenance of the electricity infrastructure.

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